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Shifting the way people communicate takes dedication and commitment. Your commitment to reading Count-On-Able is your first step to maturing the way your organization communicates and I acknowledge your commitment to learning.

The way to maximize the value of the book is to download the charts, forms and diagrams in advance so that when you come to references as you read, you're able to make notes and clearly see where you want to focus your efforts.

Trust Framework™

Trust is critical and foundational for any business to succeed. Without trust, failure is likely. When your employees are missing trust, it's less likely that trust will be experienced by your customers, vendors, and other important parties to your business.

The three components of the

Trust Framework™ are:t.

  • Effective Communication

  • Ability of Resources

  • Shared Values

When all three components are present then it’s possible, but not assured, that Trust will be presen

Alignment Framework™

Alignment is the critical component that allows your CEO’s focus to permeate your organization. Each step in the process to create alignment is important so the business can operate and fulfill the leader's vision.

The three components of the Alignment Framework™ are:

  • Effective Communication

  • Leaders Vision

  • Priority Actions

When all three of these components are present it’s possible but not assured that Alignment is present.

Trust-Alignment Framework™

Effective communication is the foundational element that flows through every priority, action, strategy and goal your organization has or creates.

The Trust-Alignment Framework™ brings both frameworks together and makes it possible for the principle of being Count-On-Able™ to be available to your organization.

This is about how to communicate effectively and cause the outcome you want. Shifting the way people communicate takes dedication and commitment.

“For trust to be possible, integrity must be in place.”


Master GamePlan


Here is the Master GamePlan template you can review so the instructions in the book make sense.

This is the first asset for your plan. There are several others. With this asset complete, we can leverage the others to shift your company, lift you and your team and empower you and your people.

Meeting Schedule

The meeting Schedule is easy to adopt.

Maybe you have a schedule like this already. If so, then all you need to do is look at how you use those meetings and determine if you want to modify them with the tools and program you are going to learn from the book.

Steps to Completing the

Priority Action Task List

Here are the steps to completing the Task List. I recommend you work on this a few days after you’ve created your initial GamePlan with your direct report.

Priority Action List

You create and manage priority actions, and list them on the task sheet. In the Priority column you mark each action an "A", “B" or "C" priority. There are several status options. Not Started, In process, Done, OnGoing, Hold, and Revoke, to be used as appropriate.days after you’ve created your initial GamePlan with your direct report.

“Knowing what you are Not Count-On-Able for is essential.

Sharing what you are Not Count-On-Able for is empowering!”