Jeff Cohen
, the author of Count-On-Able™ , is known for developing and executing team-centric organizational transformation. He is passionate about implementing strengths-based go-to-market strategies that support companies during their most critical development and growth phases.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, he consults and coaches executives that serve global businesses. Jeff has worked for both large and small enterprise software companies, such as IBM. He launched and accelerated the growth of multiple companies to become 7 figure businesses.

In the health and nutrition sector, he gained national attention helping people with diabetes and has appeared on ABC TV’s Shark Tank


"When they can share what they are NOT Count-On-Able
for, you have attained the mecca of high performance for you and your team."

- Jeff Cohen

One of Jeff’s superpowers is coaching and up-leveling effective communication, and as a business coach and consultant he works with businesses to ensure that executives are in touch with their customers, business partners, investors, and employees.

Since 2014, Jeff’s C-Level Roundtable has worked with over 300 businesses to build a solid foundation for launching and managing their businesses with clear and easy-to-thrive action plans. His Next Level 90 Business Accelerator, distilled into the book Count-On-Able™, is a time-tested, principles-centered accelerator program that helps companies develop leaders, gain momentum, thrive, grow, and close profitability gaps in 90-day sprints.

Jeff’s style enables his clients to develop a culture where leaders are empowered to create leaders resulting in unexpected performance and great people relationships. From startup to multi-million dollar organizations, he has created companies specializing in Technology, Manufacturing, Services & Health and Wellness.

Jeff’s personal successes and failures, as well as his professional life strengths, are the driving forces that shifts companies from the old outdated disempowering paradigm to the NEW and MODERN paradigm for self-directed and self-generating teams eliminating performance barriers through the Count-On-Able™ Method.



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