COUNT-ON-ABLE™ Leadership and Business Management to Lift, Shift and Empower YOU and YOUR Team


Thanks to you and you and you Count-On-Able™ ranked #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers list and I am so grateful for everyone that bought, shared, and rated my book and got me there.

I told you I had some great leading industry guests, fascinating insights, and great resources for you to go along with the book.

So please click on any of the #REPLAY images or links below and see for yourself how Count-On-Able™ Lifts, Shifts, and Empowers businesses in a whole new way!

Count-On-Able Book Launch

Jeff Cohen & John Bates

This interview was literally out of this world. John coaches CEOs and Astronauts to communicate from the stage like no one else in this world can! His take on being accountable vs. Count-On-Able™ is clear and you want to hear it!

Count-On-Able Book Launch

Jeff Cohen & Christine McAllister

Christine is the queen of podcast Guesting! She made me laugh, and is unstoppable. Her take on relationships and being Count-On-Able™ will help you take on the ownership mindset you get to have that is empowering. Her clients always know what she is Count-On-Able for and especially what she is NOT Count-On-Able for.

Count-On-Able Book Launch

Jeff Cohen & Kellan Fluckiger

Talk about the highest level of wisdom on executive leadership and what it takes to build winning teams! Kellan’s insight into actionable steps you can act on and implement today makes it easy. As my book writing coach and editor of Count-On-Able™, Kellan knows the topic inside out. His ability to help you see how easy it is to be Count-On-Able is remarkable.

Count-On-Able Book Launch

Jeff Cohen & Li Hayes

Media publicist and Speaker agent Li Hayes recounts the years of experience she has in corporate environments and the restrictive nature of Accountability that she experienced. Her years of experience help her clients know what she can be Count-On-Able™ for! From Mike Michalowicz to Jeff Cohen, Li Hayes has worked with and booked some of the best speakers in the industry. Enjoy this fun, insightful conversation between Li and Jeff!

Count-On-Able Book Launch

Jeff Cohen & Christian D Evans

Jeff and Christian brought a whole new level of ‘seeing behind the curtain’ and why the Trust-Alignment FrameWork™ Jeff has created is such a powerful tool and process that every leader needs to implement to have high-performing teams performing under any circumstances, with or without leadership being present. There is no leader worth following more than a leader comfortable with their vulnerability. Christian shares the innermost secrets he is publishing a book on!

Count-On-Able Book Launch

with Chris Trammell of Launch Your Life's Work

Chris is an extraordinary coach and helps me get out of my way so you get the gold from my life. It usually starts with the crap I’ve created for my life and the lessons that I learned and acted upon. My messes hold the keys to your gold. Chris brings Count-On-Able™ into the world of sports and teamwork as he shares how important it is for the entire team to know what each and every one of their participants can be Counted On for!