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Agile Leadership Development

Holding people accountable is

the ineffective old way.

The new and powerful

way to lead is to

BE Count-On-Able™.

"Jeff was the Chairperson of our virtual event and exceeded our expectations. He delivered an excellent event with high energy, can do attitude, and awesome interpersonal skills. He is someone you can COUNT ON. His commitment to deliver with excellence is second to none. I’ve already booked him for another event."

- Eimran Kahn, Head of Production (BTOES), a Proqis company

Discussion Topics

Accountability is DEAD in the workplace, what’s next?

Having Entrepreneurial Freedom:

How to have a life and a business you love.

Discover How to Go Beyond Trusting Your People, and Start Counting on Them!

Do you have an upcoming Live or Virtual conference or event, have Jeff be the anchor you can Count-On.

"We help CEO’s and Executive Teams create leaders and leadership so your business grows while you are on vacation and living your life. We transform the paradigm of Accountability into a new agile and empowering system called Count-On-Able™."

Listen to Jeff describe the new paradigm for creating empowered teams

Do you know, like really know because you have asked your team members and leadership what they can be Counted On for? Listen to this clip by Jeff.

Who is Jeff Cohen?

Jeff Cohen is a masterful speaker that CEO’s and Executives count on to create their Future, Direction and Management Strategy. Brainstorming with you to catapult your business into the future ahead of your competitors!

Jeff brings over 20 years of experience as CEO of technology and management consulting companies working with over 300 SMB and Fortune 500 clients to beat the competition while having fun and bringing the whole team along for the ride.

Jeff's book Count-On-Able debuted as a #1 bestseller and is the topic everyone is asking about today! He has appeared on nearly 100 podcasts in 2022 and cares deeply about the success of others.

Sponsored by Union Bank, Comerica Bank, and The Valley Economic Alliance, Jeff led over 40 underserved minority women to start, launch, and grow their businesses with the Count-On-Able program. He and his wife are Foster Resource Parents and are committed that every child should have a loving, secure environment where they learn that they can do anything, be anything and have everything they aim for.

"Freedom is the dream of every entrepreneur. Developing leaders and teams with an ownership mindset is the ticket to fulfill this dream."

Jeff Cohen, the founder of six businesses, now presents Count-On-Able™ as the new and rapid success framework that guides CEOs to make this happen.

Kind Words

Eimran Kahn

"I had the opportunity to work with Jeff for a virtual event under BTOES . . . Jeff is someone you can COUNT ON. His commitment to deliver with excellence is second to none. We’ve already invited him to chair another event!

- Head of Production

(BTOES), a Proqis company

Remy Meraz

"Jeff knows how to help you be focused on the priorities and cut to the chase. He helped me break through the fear of talking to investors which led to receiving a 6-figure grant from Google."

- CEO & Cofounder


Jessica Revelles

"Jeff is an incredible accountability partner. He accomplishes 2 things at the same time. He provides thoughtful leadership that builds confidence and looks at the facts which motivate you to achieve your goals."


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