You are not alone. Executive peer support will strengthen your decision-making, implementation, and outcomes.

Join an aligned group of executives that brainstorms and creates strategies for:

• Growth and Profitability

• Accountability

• Client & Employee Retention

• Business and Management Structures

Create your Team of The Future ™

and knock it out of the park in 2023!

Be part of a peer group that is committed to your success.

Why Count-On-Able™ Curated Leadership Peer Groups?

When smart leaders come together and create trust and alignment, awesome business results are generated.
Knowing you are in a safe and confidential environment that is judgment-free, makes anything and everything possible.

Participation in the Count-On-Able™

Executive Peer Groups

The Groups meet for 2 hours once a month. Leaders in the group have access to scheduled office hours.

Curated, like-minded Peer Groups of up to 8 leaders support your vision and strategy to be executed effectively.

The Promises of Your Count-On-Able™ Peer Group

Your group is a safe place where you can brainstorm, open up and solve your pressing issues privately.

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Be with like-minded peers that are have the same challenges that leave you feeling alone or diminished, you can bring anything that you are managing or creating.

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You have a leader and a group that is committed to uncovering your blind spots without anything to gain or lose from being respectfully straight with you.

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Solutions and ideas you never considered show up in minutes, not days or months, saving you valuable time and money.

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Align your business and create the opportunity to Lift, Shift, and Empower YOU and YOUR Team.

Meet The Leaders


Developing leaders and Teams of the Future with an ownership mindset is the key to market leadership. Jeff Cohen, founder of six businesses, now presents Count-On-Able™ as the new and rapid success framework that guides CEOs and their teams to make this happen.

Jeff is a seasoned Executive with over 20 years as CEO and has worked with over 300 CEO’s, Business Owners and Executives. He is a sought-after Coach, Speaker and Mentor. He embraces failure as the key to agility, growth and accelerated success.

Effective communication is a top priority, and as a business coach he ensures that executives are in touch with their customers, business partners, investors, and employees. He gained national attention helping people with diabetes, and he appeared on ABC TV's Shark Tank.


Carol Moxam specializes in having your company performance accelerate through leadership training and development, effective communication, mindfulness, team management and development, and a culture that supports the growth you want for your business.


Facilitates groups of leaders by supporting them to identify and resolve business critical issues. Chris uses a solution centered approach focusing on effective communication, speculation, and ideation. Chris has over 20+ years of working in higher education, coaching championship teams, and inspiring outcomes that create Teams of the Future.

Know More About the Count-On-Able™ Executive Peer Group!
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For the price of a rounding error in your business, you get:

  • Leadership Committed to You

  • Peers committed to your success

  • Fresh, clear ideas and strategies

  • Freedom from caring about what others think

  • Decades of experiences of what works and what doesn't work

  • A Curated Group of Leaders that compliment You

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